An activewear brand founded by Devanshi Vaishnav providing fitness enthusiasts with high quality training apparel

Good things happen when you break things. Break barriers, break records, break a sweat. At AntiFactory, breaking is re-creating. So take apart what people hold as absolute and give them something better, something they didn’t see coming. Through our clothing and philosophy we’re here to remind you that no matter whether you run, lift, dance or kick – you can BREAK THE NOTION.


Our clothing is highly capable of withstanding your journey to take the world by storm. Featuring high quality polyamide and elastene fabrics, our products are extremely soft to the touch, have a four way stretch and are resistant to abrasion, letting you comfortably put in long hours of training without worrying about your clothes tearing or wearing out. The strong fibers in our fabrics are also excellent at holding your body in place, mimicking the snug fit of shape-wear. Additionally, along with moisture wicking technology that keeps you dry as you work and immaculate tailoring that ensures the perfect fit, ANTIFACTORY apparel is crafted to make you look amazing, whether it’s at the studio, the stage, the track or the gym.


As a professional dancer and fitness enthusiast for the past 10 years, Devanshi Vaishnav was well aware of the struggles that came with trying to find the perfect gear – If it looked good, it fit poorly. If it fit, it looked boring. And on the rare occasion it looked good and fit well, it was bound to either wear out fast or burn a significant hole in her pocket. Motivated to solve these problems, she set out to establish Antifactory with a vision to create products that are functional, comfortable, long lasting and stylish. After gaining expertise by working with a garment company that manufactured export grade products, her offbeat ideas inspired products that balanced quality with aesthetics.

Apart from setting up Antifactory and being a professional dancer, Devanshi is also a qualified and passionate veterinarian. How’s that for breaking the notion?